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Jul 08

Shoulder Pain? Headaches? Chiropractic can help.

Health-E-News July 2016 empowering you to optimal health   Shoulder Pain? Chiropractic Can Help If you suffer from chronic shoulder pain and your range of motion is restricted, chiropractic care can help. Shoulder pain is a common complaint amongst individuals. It is attributed to a number of causes, which can include the single onset or …

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Jun 08

Doing these 4 things dramatically reduce your risk of cancer

Health-E-News June 2016 empowering you to optimal health Chiropractic helps relieve pain of 30 year old pregnant nurse with a baby in a malposition If you would wish the constant pains with pregnancy would go away, or know of someone who does, Chiropractic is definitely something to consider. Pregnancy can cause a lot of stress …

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